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Professional Translation Services – Best language translation services in USA

Access Translation Services, with a world-wide network of 4,200 linguists and subject-area specialists, is a leader in managing projects of any size and in any language while meeting tight deadlines. Access Translation Services has been providing quality language professional translation services and has been committed to customer service for over twenty-five years to clients including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. We serve all companies in the USA.

Professional Translation Services

Guaranteed Quality of Language Translation Services at Highly Competitive Rates.

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you until the translation has your approval. This is our pledge to you. Access is dedicated to offering professional translation services at prices highly competitive with other translation companies.

  • Our prices are fully quoted in advance, usually on a job-by-job or project basis. There are no hidden charges or other surprises. Our price quotations include precise estimates of delivery times.

Quality Assurance and our Four-Step Process

At Access Translation Services we strive to provide you with language translation services matched to your needs and deadlines and characterized by:

  • Accuracy: the translation clearly reflects the language and intent of the original.

  • Legibility: the translation is clear and suited to your target audience.

  • Appearance: the document layout corresponds to the original document.

Each phase of our four-step process is performed by a native-speaker specialist with an extensive background in your subject area.

Professional Translation Services


The process, overseen by a hands-on project manager, is designed to ensure accuracy and on-schedule delivery.

Quality control is a crucial element of our services. Our legal professional translation services team creates solutions tailor-made for your projects while respecting your budget and time restrictions.

Expertise in Spanish Translation Services

Spanish for where? There are noticeable differences between European Spanish and Latin and South American Spanish, although there is also a “standard” version that is understandable in all Spanish-speaking countries. Our Spanish translators can accommodate your needs whether you want a “standard” version or a country-specific one.

Access Translation Services’ Spanish translators are certified linguists and experienced professionals with a minimum of ten years of experience in their particular field. They translate into their native language. As are all of our translators, they are skilled writers, grammarians, and spellers besides being veterans in the subject area.

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Areas of Industry Specialization
  • Advertising

  • Biotech

  • Defense

  • Energy

  • Financial and banking

  • Health care

  • Legal/litigation

  • Marketing

  • Multilingual

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Software

  • Travel & tourism

  • Aerospace

  • Business

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Globalization

  • Human resources

  • Localization

  • Media

  • Multimedia localization

  • Religion

  • Technical

  • Websites localization

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • E-learning and training

  • Entertainment

  • Government

  • Immigration

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical

  • Patents

  • Retail

  • Telecommunications

Our Prices

Our prices are fully quoted in advance, usually on a job-by-job or project basis, and there are no hidden charges or other surprises. Our price quotation includes precise estimates of delivery times. Again, our prices are competitive with those of other translation services.

Proven Commitment to Customer Service

Your satisfaction with our language translation services is a prime concern. Your project manager, specifically assigned as a subject-matter and language specialist match for your project, is always available to you whether by phone or by e-mail. Our efforts are focused on providing you with top-quality, reasonably-priced, on-time, publication-grade professional translation services.

Turnaround Time

As your partner, we recognize the value of quick turnaround time. Before we begin a project, we carefully assess your needs and confirm your timetable. We will establish a target date and meet or beat the deadline.

Clients We Serve

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Your team not only met deadlines for hundreds of pages of translation, but often sent us material early. … your rates are extremely competitive, the quality of your work is excellent and your cooperative efforts and reliability superlative.”

Cooperative efforts and reliability superlative . . ., Jon L

“Access Translation Services has been extremely helpful in guiding us through these translations and has always given us exceptional service. I must be honest and admit that we have put some very tight time constraints on our translations, but they always manage to get the job done …”

Extremely helpful ... exceptional service ... . . . , Gwen E .

“Access Translation Services did an outstanding job. They provided a superior service at a reasonable price, and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

A superior service at a reasonable price . . . , Doug M.

“When I receive an estimate of four to five days for translating an instruction manual into two foreign languages, I am very pleased, of course. When the job is actually completed in only three days, I am amazed. Here’s to you. Keep up the good work.”

Here's to you. Keep up the good work . . . , Brent M.

“As our two countries increase their knowledge and understanding of each other, it will be no doubt be due in large part to many “citizen diplomats” like yourself who contributed to the exchange.”

'citizen diplomats' like yourself ..., Mary B.

“Your personal attention to our needs has been invaluable to us. You have been very prompt in delivering translations before the required date, and the accuracy of the text is always very dependable.”

Your personal attention to our needs has been invaluable ..., James G.

“The challenge of this project is to translate a rather technical document into language … which may be easily understood by the average reader. ACCESS has helped us to meet that challenge. The work was handled in a professional and timely manner, with the highest degree of accuracy and customer satisfaction experienced in the three years we have engaged in this annual project.”

Heartfelt appreciation for all you have done ..., Nan B.

“We selected ACCESS for its translation services based on the outstanding reputation. We found them to be professional, efficient and courteous.”

...We selected ACCESS ... based on its outstanding . . ., Ben E.

“Your accuracy and efficiency were superb. You were friendly, professional and punctual, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”

... accuracy and efficiency ... superb ..., Frances G.

“ACCESS was not only excellent in their technical analysis but in their willingness to be of assistance to explain the various nuances that differentiate English from Italian. I would recommend ACCESS to anyone seeking translation services. I am sure that their thoroughness and promptness will be extended to all for whom they are retained …”

...thoroughness and promptness ..., Robert V.

“Thanks to your expertise and services, we have been able to supply our clients with accurate translations on time and within budget. Thank you again for your high-quality service, hard work and dedication.”

... high-quality service, hard work and dedication... , Diane D.

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professional translation services